Manuka Honey


Jar Size: 500g
UMF Rating: 15
MGO Rating: 514+

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  • PURE MANUKA HONEY: Lamohka monofloral honey is raw, never pasteurized, and completely GMO free. Made with pure Manuka tree flower nectar, our premium honey provides amazing benefits, all while being delicious.
  • UNIQUE MANUKA FACTOR: The UMF rating is a measure of purity and quality used when honey meets a strict set of criteria. Our unique UMF 15 Manuka honey is of the highest quality, independently tested so you get the best.
  • VERSATILE SUPERFOOD: This exclusive, honey possesses incredible natural qualities. It has properties that can help wellbeing, with a natural, earthy flavor. Our honey is fully traceable.
  • AUTHENTIC NEW ZEALAND: Our exceptional honey is 100% pure, raw honey harvested from the indigenous Manuka plant on the natural, untouched West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, the most remote part of the country.
  • LAMOHKA HONEY: Lamohka is owned and operated by the Monk family, who have been living in New Zealand for four generations. We aim to bring the purest, most natural, raw honey to your table while celebrating and protecting our unique environment.

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8.8 Ounce, 17.6 oz


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